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Year 7 Lego Art Competition

Earlier in the month, the Year 7s participated in an art competition officially run by the LEGO company. This stage of the competition ran from 17th April until 10th May and was organised by J Sargant of the Art and Design department.

The purpose of the competition was to get the students to stretch and challenge their drawing skills and to apply them to a theme that matters to them. Students chose their own themes based on the starting point of Positivity and many of them produced some great work on topics like anti-bullying, equality and protecting the environment. It was rewarding to see them utilising their problem-solving skills, like using 3D text or making selective decisions about what graphics to use on their design. Being able to flex these skills will help the students to be more confident in their art lessons.

A shortlist was selected by the Art and Design department from a total of 45 entries, after which staff were called upon to cast their votes to select the winners. The department will be submitting the students designs to the official LEGO competition later this month. Congratulations to the winners and good luck in the next stage of the competition!


Positivity Badge Category FIRST PLACE: Sophie Kilcullen 

Positivity Badge Category SECOND PLACE: Jason Odetola 

Positivity Badge Category SECOND PLACE: Shawn Raju


Positivity Tote Bag Category WINNER: Isabelle Whitaker


Positivity Tote Bag Category WINNER: Alex Linehan