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We believe that every student is entitled to effective School Library provision, promoting high-quality reading and learning opportunities for all Our library is a busy and popular area within the school.

Situated in a Tetradecagon on the grounds of the school providing the perfect place to capture ideas, and engage and excite our readers and potential innovators of the future. The shelves are bursting with new and relevant resources which are regularly updated.

The library is staffed from 08:00 until 16:30 Monday to Thursday, and 16:00 on Fridays, and is open to students at break and lunchtimes. Everyone is welcome to come and play a board game, catch up on their homework or maybe just sit and read on the ‘Chill Out Zone’ beanbags and sofas, or the comfortable quiet reading area.

Our library is a wonderful vibrant area of the school which is used by staff and students alike with books and other resources to enhance personal learning and support a wide range of lessons for all key stages.

Student Librarians

There are three Student Librarians who are always on hand to help find books, help with homework, or just chat if you want someone to talk to.

Accelerated Reader 

Accelerated Reader is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing an independent reading practice.

With Accelerated Reader, teachers can create a reading programme to meet the needs of every student. Renaissance Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents, carers and students to log in to a website and view the student’s practice and progress towards targets. Students have reading time scheduled into their English lessons and library lessons, where they have the opportunity to read their Accelerated Reader books. Once they have finished reading a book, they are able to do a 10 multiple choice question quiz, which tells us how well they understood and enjoyed the book. The quiz results help them score points that go towards their reading target for that term, and earn them achievement points! If the Students have books they would like to read they can easily check them to see if they have an accelerated quiz via and it will list the quiz number for them if there is one.

Accelerated Reader Quizzing

To log in and take a quiz at home, please use this link: Rennaissance Accelerated Reader. Your username and password for Accelerated Reader is the same ones you use in school. Parents of students in years 7 and 8 are actively encouraged to register with Accelerated Reader.

How can I access this site?

If you would like to see your child’s progression within the programme please click the button below:

Login using the same username and password as your child. This is commonly their school username with a password of their initials.