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Severe Weather Plan

Severe Snow/Ice Plan for Parents and Families

During severe weather conditions, the Governors and the Headteacher will make every effort to keep the school open. The decision to close the school will only be taken in the interests of the health and safety of the students and staff. During periods of snow and ice salt will be spread, and the main access routes will be cleared.

How will we know if the school is closed?

Once this decision has been made we will notify parents via the Kent Closures website.  To determine whether Saint George’s School is open or closed please visit  Search for the school in the search box.  The Kent Closures website can also be used to find out if other services in Kent are open or closed, such as nurseries, children’s centres and libraries.  We also recommend parents sign up for SMS/Email alerts on the Kent Closures website (please note there is a charge for SMS alerts).  This service will send an SMS or email alert to let parents know if Saint George’s School is closed.  Parents can also listen to KMFM, BBC Radio Kent or Heart FM to hear if the school has closed.  We will also update the school website to show if we are open or closed.

What if the weather deteriorates during the school day?

  • If the weather deteriorates once school has opened an assessment will be made by the Headteacher.
  • Staff will be informed and lessons suspended allowing a return to tutor groups. A message will be conveyed to students that the site will be closing.  Students will be allowed to call home and tutors will ascertain which students (A) can travel, (B) who need to be picked up and (C) who have been unable to contact home.
  • If possible, the expectation is that students would travel home as normal, including by public transport, if safe, to reduce traffic congestion.
  • A message will be sent to parents via text and put on the website.
  • Students (A) are dispatched immediately once tutors have confirmed. Students (B) are kept in form rooms with tutors until (A) have departed and then brought to the Hall to await pick up.  Tutors are dismissed by the Senior Leadership Team when no longer needed.
  • Staff will continue to attempt contact with relatives of (C) or make alternative arrangements e.g. to stay with parents of friends.
  • A skeleton staff remain until all students have been collected.

What can you do to help?

  • Please visit for more information about gritting routes and travel issues around Kent so you can plan your journey.
  • Please approach the school using the usual routes. Take extra care if you use the alleyway between Wrotham Road and Meadow Road (going past Saint Mary’s Church) as this can be very precarious when icy.
  • Please can you provide a packed lunch from home in case school meals cannot be provided
  • Don’t forget suitable warm clothing – gloves, hats, scarves, wellies etc. or even a change of clothing.
  • If you are a working parent or feel you may have a problem with a sudden earlier pickup, please could you put a backup plan in place with another family member or parent and inform the school. This will allow staff to leave earlier for their safety if the weather dictates.

Many thanks for your support in helping Saint George’s School remain open during periods of severe snow/ice.


The Kent Closures Website

 The Kent Closures website allows a school representative to log in (with a school-specific password) and change the ‘status’ of the school to ‘open’, ‘closed’ or ‘partially closed’. The information will then be displayed on the website for parents and staff. Additionally, a parent or member of staff can then request to receive an email when a status is changed by the school. It is completely free to state-funded schools (including Academies & Free Schools) in the KCC area.

Parent and Staff Action

  1. Register with the Kent Closures Website

To receive notifications, you should register for alerts.

Visit and click the ‘Register for Alerts’ button on the left side of the screen.

Fill in your

  • first name
  • surname
  • house number
  • postcode
  • email address
  • password
  • re-type password Once you have registered, you need to tell the system which school(s) you want to receive alerts from.Register YourselfFill in your
  • Visit and click the ‘Alerts Login’ button on the left side of the screen.

2. Register for School Alerts

  • Then click register
  • email address
  • password Under ‘Add a School’
  • Register to Receive Alerts from your Choice of School
  • Then click ‘sign in’
  • Using the drop down menu, choose the town or village nearest to the school you want to receive alerts from, the drop down menu
  • Using the next drop down menu, choose the school
  • Click on ‘add school to alerts’
  • You can add as many schools as you wish.You should now receive an email if there is a status change reported by your chosen schools.SMS Service
  • The SMS service is no longer being offered as an option. Any parents with outstanding credit will still continue to receive alerts, but no new requests for SMS alerts will be accepted. All alerts are by email.